Asset Buyer & Seller. Database and app solution

We took on a contract with another well established business that deals with buying and selling assets. They had huge stacks of documents and had more batches of documents coming in each week. They needed a way to store data that referenced each document and return back to it at a later stage. They also needed to store images.

Their requirements are as follows:-

Scan documents

Documents needed to be scanned and processed by software to store in into database. OCR technology was required.

Additional Data Input

More data (text, images, pdf files) needed to be added to each document with the ability to refer back to it later

Data Sync

The database including file data needed to be synced with a secure online database to be used by other software users for collaboration

User Management

Document marked with specific tags would be visible to specific groups of users of the software. Cetain features of the software neede to be locked out depending on the type of user being logged in (Admin, User, Super User, etc)

Additional Data Download

Extra data such as map data, post code data and best route data needed to be processed externally and downloaded into database for use later by any related users per document

Website Data Download

Data from specific web pages related to any document needed to be available at the click of a button. Website data would be parsed and downloaded to database.

Mobile App Integration

Extra data needed to be added to the same database via a mobile app. This app is also in-house and would be accessed by a specific few people.


As more features needed to be added on the fly, it had to be user updatable. It also had to be secure updates restricted to only in-house users.

The software was developed and deployed within a space of 5 months. They now use the software every day and has revolutionised their work flow
We was also consulted on their hardware needs as the software had to run flawlessly on their PCs and tablets. We was able to recommend a small cheap windows tablet which the software had no issues running on.

What about the app?

It was required a mobile app be developed to facilitate the need for third party users to contribute and submit data to the main database.
This needed to be compatible with at least iOS and Android but we pushed to get it available for the windows store also to help with the availaility of the app. The app needed to have a few features

Restricted User Account Creation

User account creation had to be limited to specific users (client requested feature). This was done with predefined keys that the client can create on the fly via the software

Submit Locations

Users needed to submit their mobile GPS location or a specified address.

Take Pictures

Users needed to submit any pictures if possible. They could chuse from camera roll on the device or take a new picture via app.

Follow Up On Past Submissions

Any submitted data needed to be reviewed and updates to submissions needed to be available for review via app

The client is able to view any submitted data via the main software application and add it to the main database. They can then update any submitted data and even users themselves (name, address, banned status, etc).

Project Senpai. Student Mentoring Database

We worked on a database solution to aid a student mentoring company in their work with the students they had access to.

They needed -

Send Reports

A way for employees to report on any student's progress remotely from any location.

Manage Employees

A way to manage the employees mentoring the students by assigning students to them and changing their access levels

Import Students

A way to import spreadsheets of students for fast data population

Generate Documents

To export documents formatted to their liking (with headers, tables, pictures) with specific fields pre-populated throughout the document and download as a PDF or DOCX file

Project MediaBase. Seminar Audio Manager/Database Software & Audio Streaming App

The client required a solution manage their audio seminars and an app for other users to listen to any of the seminars on the go.

The software had the following requirements 

Add Newly Detected Audio Files

Allow for users to add new audio files detected in a watched folder. During the add process, details should be added such as date, time, speaker name, title, occasion and other references and comments

Manage Existing Seminars

Allow for users to change details for any seminars, play/preview, delete and other tasks such as burn disks and generate labels

Burn Seminar Audio Disks

Allow for users to burn seminars to multiple disks simultaneously (or different seminars to different disk drives installed on PC), formatted as CD Audio

Generate CD Labels

Generate CD labels for printing onto any disks. CD labels are pre-populated with seminar info such as date, time, speaker  name and title within a pre-designed template

Sync Database Data

Sync data with online database to collaborate with other users managing the database

Upload Seminars to Audio Streaming App

Sync any seminars to the accompanying app for end users to consume

The app's primary goal is for streaming seminars but also allows users to download any seminars available. In addition users can gain access to additional seminars if they can verify themselves using an "Enter Code" feature which is used for verifying those users. The location of the mobile device is also used for additional verification (to ensure they are genuine).

Curry Goat Revenge. Endless Runner Mobile Game

The endless runner with a spicy twist. Compatible with most high-end android phones (e.g Galaxy S5+), the app features a comical Caribbean goat with a sole purpose to cause as much havoc as possible. Having seen his friends taken away in the van to the slaughterhouse, the goat’s mission is to seek revenge on the local people who have a penchant for curried goat dishes.

The app’s colorful illustrations bring the rural surroundings to life, with palm trees, rocky roads and mountains gracing the landscape. But this is far from paradise, as by playing the goat, users gain points by knocking over as many people as possible while avoiding the obstacles in their path.